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Hotel History

The hotel has a fabled history allegedly dating back to the 15th century. However after research it appears that a great deal of the original 'manor' does indeed date back to the 15th century but was assembled together in 1936 at its current location as detailed with photos by local historians.

The interesting part of this fact is that the beams and some of the feature windows in the old manor have been 'shipped' in to re-create the old manor of Donnington, now called Dunton, hence the grade 2 listing.
Below is an extract of the history referring from the British history website:
Northward from morants-court, at the soot of the chalk hill, close to the boundary of Otford parish, lies the manor of Donnington, now called Duntio, which in the reign of King Edward III was in the possession of William Morante, who in the 20th year of that reign paid respective aid for it, as one quarter of a knight's fee, which the heirs of Osbert Longchamp formerly held at Denyngton of the archbishop. (Note: king Edward iii reign 1312 – 1377 infamous for embroiling England in what became the 100 years war and 1/3 of the population dying through bubonic plague.)
The hotel now stands on the old main London to Hastings road at the foot of Polhill on the edge of what is known as the battlefield. Here in 1016 Edmund ironsides routed the Danes under king Canute. Apart from this a bronze axe was found in the foundations. The hotel’s more recent history includes being operated as an Italian restaurant with rooms in the 60's when the telephone number for reservations was 'Dunton green 326'

In 1976 the modern 60 bedroom extension was built and was re named 'the Emma hotel' and at one point was apparently owned by the infamous 'Kray twins', however not provable as it wasn’t under their name and we haven’t taken up the patio yet!

Today it is back as Donnington Manor and is patronised by business people and locals alike in ever increasing popularity with its great 'fresh' cuisine and prime location.

The Black and white Revival was a 19th century architectural movement yet the design of our historic 15th century building at Donnington Manor is strongly influenced by the vernacular of the past.