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The Hotel

The hotel, its history, our team & our guests

Donnington Manor Hotel itself if not simply a place to stay but an attraction in its own right, boasting 600 years of history and providing an architectural marvel to roam around and enjoy. Whilst retaining its traditional modus operandi as a place of hospitality it offers good food, good wine and ultimately good taste.

The hotel’s history and various guises are impressed upon it, a tangible part of its own heritage. As a result, as you wander through the gardens or sip your cocktail in the bar, you will note details from the ancient wooden beams to the contemporary artwork and ornaments peppering the walls and garden.

Elements ranging from the 200 year old temple sculptures from South India within the grounds to the ambient lighting have all been considered and reflect the careful intention to welcome and inspire, as well as fusing the hotel’s rich history with its contemporary purpose as a destination serving all customer needs whether they be celebratory events, business occasions or leisure travel.