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Enigma Express Seated Game

2-6 players in a train carriage, solving puzzles & option to have food & drinks

 (Suitable for ages 12+ as a part of a family group. 2-6 players. Although this is a good family game, we do not recommend it for groups of under 18s)

 The Enigma Express is a 60-minute sit-down escape room experience set in a replica vintage train carriage with a choice of different games to play inside. Take a seat, enjoy the ride and solve a mystery.

Each game consists of a completely different story, sets of objects and puzzles and the decor of the carriage is subtly altered.
Can have the option of having drinks brought to you during your game.


Lady Vanishes:

Enter the year 1941 aboard the Enigma Express where an elderly passenger disappears mysteriously, leaving behind an encrypted note and her handbag. As Scotland Yard's best investigators, your task is to decipher clues from her belongings before the train reaches its destination.

A Curious Contraption:

Set in the 1950s, your team's mission aboard the Enigma Express is to retrieve groundbreaking invention designs from a seemingly ordinary briefcase locked behind an incomplete crossword puzzle. Your skills will be put to the test to access these plans.

Strangers on a Train:

Transport back to 1938 where six spies are vying for a powerful new weapon on a train. With one spy gone rogue, your team's deductive prowess is required to identify the rogue spy among you. For larger groups, a member can secretly take on the role of the rogue to challenge your progress.